Seize new growth opportunities by adding a client's perspective to your healthcare agency

Agency Consulting Services

Prospecting Program - Structured approach to finding, connecting, and engaging with the right-fit prospects

New Business Content - Industry research and input on relevant content for your target audience

RFP Validation Process - Evaluation steps to measure the agency fit and success probability

Prospect Research - Documented approach to comprehend your selected RFPs and associated decision-makers

Project Management - Cross functional plan and communication structure for your pursued RFPs

Brainstorming Strategies - Expert input on targeted disease state and healthcare product/service

Presentation Preparation - Coaching and leadership reviews of your rehearsed pitches

Evaluation Process - Templated or tailored client feedback approach based on the amount/complexity of work you delivered

Client Feedback - Interviews or surveys to determine how your client feels about your agency and/or their experience with your agency

Growth Plan - Recommendations to leverage your client’s insights into growth opportunities

Training Classes - Survey-based research topics or the training content of your choice

Mentorship Program - Advisory support for your training class participants

Agency Whitepaper

4 Changes to Acquire New Business and Increase Client Satisfaction

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