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We partner with healthcare agencies in discovering and seizing new opportunities for growth.

Why Work With OpenHuddle?

Times are challenging for healthcare agencies, but reports indicate that proposal requests are continuing to be held and for that reason, agencies are encouraged to optimize the productivity and efficiency of their business activities including...

Business Development

Winning over dream clients begins with pitching the right people. With an extensive contact list of pharmaceutical marketers, OpenHuddle will accelerate your business development with its Huddle Access approach. We will bring you clients that are ready with a “yes” waiting to spill out.

Pitch Crafting

Even the best prospects can be lost with a bad pitch. With unquestionable credibility in the pharmaceutical industry and applied Client Research, OpenHuddle strengthens the preparation and execution of the client pitch. You will not only show up with renewed confidence, but also with much better odds of walking away with a signed contract.

Organic Growth

The ebb and flow of business, while normally predictable, can wreak havoc in tough times. That is why OpenHuddle instills processes of organic and consistent growth that move with the variations of your business. With client-side knowledge and a Client Understanding approach, we can maximize your clients’ spending during the opportunistic cycles and increase retention during the more critical drop-off periods. Your business will always thrive.

Client Relation Training

It may be significantly easier to retain a client than winning over a new one, but that does not make it less important. With true pharmaceutical experience and input from Prospective Clients, OpenHuddle improves client relationships by providing theoretical and practical training. Our team will coach yours to provide the ultimate client experience that will seal your client base for years to come.

We see the future of a successful business to start with greater client understanding. We partner with healthcare agencies in developing their business opportunities, growing client relationships, and training their teams towards building a more profitable, fulfilling, and enjoyable business.


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From the development of new business opportunities all the way to implementing client relation programs, OpenHuddle is here to enlighten your agency’s operation in the art of client connection.

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